Ventriloquist Figure “Rocky’s” Continuing Saga

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rocky during 005

When we last met, I had just shown you pictures of “Rocky”, Miss Arkansas, Alyse Eady’s ventriloquist figure after his traveling mishap (if you missed the blog, click here).

Thought it was time to show you some of the progress with “Rocky”. First thing I had to do was take off the wig and pull the mechanics out of the head. I’ll be installing moving eyes later, so wanted to get everything out of the way.

When I got him he was in many pieces (actually more than the previous blog pictures showed), so the first step was to glue all the pieces back together.

I put them in place and glued them from the inside of the head (see pictures).

rocky during 001

rocky during 002

Once I got all the pieces glued back in place, next up was to cover the cracks on the outer portion of the head with wood putty (see pictures). Some small pieces were actually missing (specifically around mouth and jaw area), so there I have to fill in the space with wood putty.

rocky during 003

rocky during 004

Now it’s time to start sanding all the wood putty spots.

rocky during 006

rocky during 007

I’ll be applying more wood putty and doing more sanding till I get him looking nice and smooth. Then I’ll be reinforcing the inside of the head.

Keep checking back for more of “Rocky’s” progress.

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