Ventriloquism, For Fun and Profit

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Today I thought I would lighten the mood of today’s blog and write about ventriloquism. I got interested in ventriloquism at the age of 14. It was actually one of my younger brothers who saw the ad in a comic book about throwing your voice and sent in the quarter to get the booklet.

Even though at the time he was interested, I’m the one who actually kept pursuing the art. The booklet didn’t really give much information so I was on a quest to find out more. I went to my local library and found a book by ventriloquist Paul Winchell titled, “The Key To Ventriloquism, For Fun and Profit.”

ventriloquism for fun and profit
My original copy and still have it today


I devoured that book. Re-checked it out of the library and read it again. Since I could only re-check it out once, I took it back to the library, waited a day, saw it on the shelf and check it out again. Not sure how many times I did this till I was able to order the book and get my own copy.

Later I was lucky enough to borrow the record LP (this was back in the late 60’s early 70’s) by ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson on teaching ventriloquism. Once again I devoured that record listening to it over and over and over again (I can still here Danny O’Day, “the boy bought the basketball, many men make money, please play the piccolo” ).

I would also check out as many books from the library as I could from the library, but as anyone in my age group would know, there were very few books on ventriloquism. Trying to teach yourself how to become a ventriloquist was sometimes a challenge.

Luckily today……all that has changed.

Now with today’s technology, the Internet, mobile devices, people getting schooling and college degrees via online…’s only natural that you should be able learn ventriloquism with the latest in advanced technology.

Well you can!

Professional ventriloquist Tom Crowl has the most comprehensive, on-line ventriloquism course ever created. With Tom’s course you will learn the proper techniques from a skilled performer, not an armchair coach.

He uses high definition video to provide close up views and detailed instruction on difficult techniques. There is no guessing – you will understand exactly what is required to master each lesson. You receive 36 lessons that build your skills correctly and this course covers everything from proper breathing and lip control, to puppet manipulation, presentation skills, script writing and staging.

For someone wanting to learn ventriloquism, this course is a must!

PLUS….for those who already know ventriloquism, there is so much information packed into this course that it would be a benefit to you as well.

I have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on education in one form or another. I’ve been to seminars, bought audios, videos all to further my education. I always thought that no matter what I paid, if I got just ONE GOOD IDEA…..then it was worth it.

So if you already know ventriloquism and may even be performing, I can tell you right now I guarantee that you can get at least one good idea from this course. I did….I have pages of notes from Tom’s course and remember, I’ve been doing ventriloquism since I was 14.

In any other business, to get a professional to show and teach the information that Tom provides would cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. So the investment in Tom’s course is a bargain.

Check out this video that describes the course to you.

Now that you’ve seen the video, go look at the site and take Tom up on his generosity and receive the first five lessons….FREE!

What do you have to lose?

To Your Success,



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One thought on “Ventriloquism, For Fun and Profit

  1. Good morning my new Idol Steve. Yes, I have been enjoying your very informative e-mails. But I only read parts and save them for a moment when I’m not so busy on remodeling my house. I imagion you know a good friend of mine, Chuck Jackson. Chuck got me interested in doing a little work with him. He made the heads and designed faces ,the bodies, various feet and arms. Then I made the fiberglass molds of these plugs and fabricated light weight parts. We worked well together with modifing some of the varrious components.Such as a slid in mouth platform base that suported the push out tounge, revolveing eyes and support handles and different swivles(sp) for right or left foot kickers and hand shackers.
    Another friend that I had met before I got so envolved with Chuck was very religous young man named Tim,” The dummy works ” I can’t recall his last name at the moment. He was making a lot of vents using a plastic type slurrey that shrunk and was very heavy and easly damaged if dropped. I made a lot of fiberglass bodies for him until he wanted to build his own. I taught him the use of fiberglass and made him a body mold. I cast a few hands and some humorous feet for him but he soon made his own.
    I still keep in touch with Chuck Jackson and we keep saying we’re going to get together but something always comes up. He doesn’t makes vents anymore and I have really tried to get him back into it. Those were some of my good ole days. He is a great man. Well enough of this, please continue to send me your e-mails and YES someday I’ll get REAL SERRIOUS and learn how to have fun like you and Chuck. Thanks again, Your wanna be friend, Chuck Criddle

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