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Last week was the Vent Haven ConVENTion at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel, Hebron, KY. Unfortunately due to some unforeseen issues, I was unable to attend.

It was six years ago at the ConVENTion that I met my partner Dan Willinger and we came up with the idea for a website for ventriloquists we call Ventriloquist Central. We started the website in October 2006.

Over the five plus years Ventriloquist Central has become the largest informational website about the art of ventriloquism. My partner Dan has one of the largest privately owned collection of ventriloquist figures. On our site we showcase his Ventriloquist Central Collection. One thing that makes this unique is Dan is not a ventriloquist, but he is a ventriloquism enthusiast.

This past Friday night at the ConVENTion, Mark Wade presented the W.S. Berger Distinguished Award for outstanding contributions to the art of ventriloquism, to my partner Dan and one for me.

For my non-ventriloquist friends….this is a very prestigious award in the ventriloquism community. To give you an idea, ventriloquist Terry Fator was last year’s recipient.

Dan called me on Friday night after receiving the awards for both of us to tell me the news and to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. This award goes to the best of the best in our ventriloquism community….. usually to those who have spent years in the art of ventriloquism.

Here we are a couple of guys that decided to do a website about the art we love and five years later….to get this award is truly an honor.

Personally and publicly I’d like to “THANK” Mark Wade, executive director of the Vent Haven ConVENTion for this honor and award. I would also like to thank ALL the many visitors and fellow ventriloquists who visit Ventriloquist Central…..without you going to the website, this would not be possible.

As for Dan and I, we will keep doing what we love, promoting the art of ventriloquism at Ventriloquist Central.

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2 thoughts on “Ventriloquism Award

  1. What more can be said or added? Dan, Steve, you both deserve that award. You work long and hard and your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for all you do. So let me add my congratulations to two well deserving individuals. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Steve, I had a lot of coffee for you. We missed you at the conVENTion, but I want to thank you and Dan for all you guys do for the art we all love. See you next year.

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