Vent Haven ConVENTion 2011, A Couple More Days!

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As all my ventriloquist friends know the Vent Haven ConVENTion is only a few days away. In fact I’ll be leaving bright and early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning heading toward Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. I plan on taking videos along my journey and post it on Wednesday or Thursday.

It’s been a year since I’ve seen a lot of my “ventriloquist” friends and looking forward to seeing them again this year. Plus there will be lots of new people to meet as well.

And I’ll actually get to see my partner with the Ventriloquist Central website, Dan Willinger. Quite a few people assume that Dan and I live close, but me being in eastern Oklahoma and Dan living in the Boston area, this is the only time we see each other. We do talk on the phone most every day about the website, but it will be fun to hang out and make future plans for Ventriloquist Central.

Both Dan and I will be providing as much coverage as possible from the ConVENTion for those of you who are unable to attend. We’ll be doing LIVE broadcasts again this year if technology holds out for us.

For more details about times and more information, keep checking out the Ventriloquist Central blog ( , the Ventriloquist Central Fan Page on Facebook ( or my Facebook page (

A couple more points I’d like to make. Last year after the ConVENTion we got emails and heard comments from people who wanted to meet Dan or me, but they said we looked “too busy” and didn’t want to interrupt us.

Well, here’s an OPEN INVITATION to please….interrupt us. We would be happy to meet each and every one of you. We are VERY approachable (just ask anyone who knows us). We do enjoy meeting everyone that comes to the website.

One more thing….last year again, after the ConVENTion I personally got emails or heard comments from people who either had questions about their current website or those who wanted to talk to me about websites but thought that I was too busy in my business to talk with them.

NOTHING is further from the truth. Websites and marketing are what I do! If you want to pick my brain about your current website, please do. Or, if you just want to ask about websites in general, please feel free to stop me and ask. No website is too small for me to talk about.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the ConVENTion and providing coverage to those who are unable to attend.

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