Teaching: Sales and Ventriloquist Figure Building

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Early in my adult life, I had the idea that I would like to “teach”. It all started when I began my sales career at 23. The “bug” to teach was pretty strong at that time.

Now I didn’t want to teach kids in school. I wanted to teach to those who wanted to learn. As kids we had to go to school and at times didn’t appreciate being taught.

As my sales career kept going and I worked my way up to the number one salesperson in the company I was working for at the time, I had salespeople ask me “how do you sell so much”, and I would gladly share information with them.

When I became a sales manager, I realized that part of the job was “teaching” your salespeople different aspects of their job and I enjoyed that very much.

Fast forward to today, one of my passions is ventriloquism and particularly building ventriloquist figures (or sometimes called dummies). I was taught by one of the masters in the business, Ray Guyll.

With all the knowledge that I had gain, I created a ventriloquist figure building course, “The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Volume 1“. In this course not only do I show you how to build a ventriloquist figure, but I also try to encourage anyone and everyone who has a desire to build a figure that they can indeed build one.

Since I created the course back in 2008, I’ve had many who once they received their course, would contact me with questions or comments and I’ve always enjoyed helping or “teaching” them with their situation.

One such person who has stayed in touch with me is Joe Caffey. Joe is a Stand-Up Comedian, Comedian Ventriloquist, and Actor who lives in the LA area. I have to say I’m very humbled by Joe as he refers to me as his “mentor”.

Be sure to check out Joe’s website: www.joecaffey.com

And, if you’re in the LA area and you notice that Joe is performing, be sure to check him out. I’ve seen video of his work and he’s a funny guy.

The fact that I do enjoy teaching and now I’m referred to as a “mentor” is very high praise indeed. Thanks, Joe.

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