Miss Arkansas, Alyse Eady’s Ventriloquist Figure “Rocky” Project

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rocky before-05

As you should know (if you’re a regular reader of my blog), Miss Arkansas, Alyse Eady had a traveling mishap with ventriloquist figure “Rocky” (if you’ve missed the story behind this you can check out one of my previous blogs here: http://stevehurstwebsite.com/miss-arkansas-and-ventriloquist-alyse-eady-to-use-charlie-dawg/ )

Rocky was the ventriloquist figure I loaned her back in May of 2010 so she could use him in the Miss Arkansas pageant (which of course she won) and used him in the Miss America pageant (where she was first runner-up).

Actually we’ve worked out a deal and now Rocky is her ventriloquist figure. So, when she had the traveling mishap, I offered to fix him up for her.

I’ve already started working on Rocky, but thought I would show you some “before” pictures so you get a better idea of what happened to him. Don’t worry, even though to some the pictures of Rocky look pretty bad, when I’m finished, I’ll have him looking like new.

rocky before-01

rocky before 02

rocky before 03

rocky before 04

rocky before 06

Next up you’ll see how I started by gluing him back together, applied wood putty to all the cracked or broken areas and started the sanding process.

Keep checking back for more updates on Rocky’s progress.

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