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One of the things that I talk about all the time to my coaching clients is the concept of “making it easy for your customers to buy.” On the surface you would think this is a no brainer, however, for some this can be a little difficult to fully understand.

Depending on your business, whether you’re selling products or services, you have a retail business, online business, etc…..this concept can mean different things. When I first bring this up, most of my clients think it has to do with only one particular aspect of their business. Usually they are wrong. Making it easier for your customer to buy can be affected by many aspects of your business that you might not even think about when examining this concept.

Let me give you an example of a situation that you might not think would have anything to do with this concept.

I have a friend who has a retail outlet. His retail outlet is a “duplex”, two businesses in the same building, so they share parking. However, the other business was taking up most of the parking spaces. Not because business was great, but it was the type of business where people would just hang out.

This was causing a problem for my friend’s business. People would drive by, see the parking lot full and not stop to do business with my friend. This went on for quite some time. My friend’s customers would complain about no parking (me included….I was doing business there) till finally he did something about it.

He contacted the landlord of the property and proposed a simple solution, divided up the parking spaces between both businesses. The landlord agreed. So, my friend had parking signs made stating that parking in his designated spaces were for his customers only and put them up.

As a customer, this was great. Now there was plenty of parking for my friend’s business. After the first month, I was talking to my friend and asked out of curiosity, had the new parking arrangement helped his business. He told me he should have done this sooner. I asked why. He stated that in just the first month of the new parking arrangement, he had a 40% increase in his business! Read that again…..40% increase.

What would YOU do with that kind of increase in YOUR business?

In essence, what my friend had done was……”make it easier for his customers to buy”. By creating more parking spaces for HIS customers, they were able to access his business much easier and in turn…it was easier for them to buy his products and services.

Take a look at your business. Are you “making it easier for your customers to buy?” Make sure you’re looking at ALL aspects for your business that affects the customers and how they buy your product or services. You just might be surprised.

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