July Was a Busy Month, Websites, Ventriloquists and Pneumonia

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July was a busy month for me. The biggest event of the month was the Vent Haven ConVENTion that was held on the 14th – 17th. This is the yearly get together for ventriloquists. It’s always a lot of fun.

But before the ConVENTion, I had to finish up a couple of websites I had been working on so that they would be ready in time for the ConVENTion. Both sites were connected to ventriloquism and ventriloquists.

One site was puppet builders, Steve and JET of The Dummy Shoppe (www.thedummyshoppe.com). JET makes extraordinary puppets and wanted a site to display all of them.

The next site was that for the famous ventriloquist, Sammy King (www.sammyking.com). Sammy is well known for his performances all over the world and now does coaching services for ventriloquists.

I met Sammy last year via email and we corresponded throughout the year. He mentioned he wanted to upgrade his website and I told him I would be happy to help him. He stated he wanted it finished in time for the ConVENTion, so I was on overtime trying to get both sites ready (which I did).

Once I got to the ConVENTion, Dan (my partner with the website VentriloquistCentral.com) and I had lots of work to do. We had scheduled live broadcasts from the ConVENTion (click here to see the replays), interviews, videos and other reports that we put up on the Ventriloquist Central blog (click here to see).

One of the highlights for me was to finally meet Sammy King face to face. He’s always been a gracious individual during our phone calls and emails and he’s the same in person. It’s a good feeling when a client turns out to be a good friend.

Steve Hurst and Ventriloquist Sammy King
Steve Hurst and Ventriloquist Sammy King


I could go on and on about the ConVENTion (and may just do that in another blog), but bottom line, it was a great time.

The downside was that toward the end of the ConVENTion, I started getting sick. I thought I was just getting a cold. The day I drove home, I was feeling pretty bad…and it was a 14 hour drive. I was taking cold tablets, sucking on cough drops and drinking lots of lattes.

After a week of being home and not feeling any better, I finally broke down and went to the doctor only to find out I had pneumonia. A shot (HUGE ONE), some antibiotics and rest…I started to feel better.

Then, I had to prepare for another big job…one of my clients (a local county hospital that I handle their computer work) was getting ready to change ownership, which meant doing some software migration that almost always ends up being a lot of work (and this one was no different).

That took me through July, but it was a busy month for me.

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