Hits or Visitors – Know the TRUTH About Your Website Traffic

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One thing I hear all the time from website owners…..”I get 30,000 hits a month on my website” (not always the same number, but you get my meaning). When I ask them how many visitors they are getting, they reply with the same number.


There is a BIG difference between “hits and visitors.” A “hit” is not a visitor to the web site, but a hit on the web server. A hit on the web server can be a graphic, java applet, the html file, video, or many other types of code/objects that goes into building a website.

So, if a site has 50 such objects that registers as hits, that’s 50 hits on the server. However, the number of visitors to the site (using 30,000 hits) would only be 600 (or 20 a day).

It’s important to realize that most people (especially those in business) are not concerned about hits but how many visitors are actually going to your website (also, FYI, most of those counters you see on some websites, actually are measuring hits not visitors).

Be sure you know the truth about your website traffic.

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