Do You Know What Your Customers Are Really Buying?

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In an early blog I wrote about the importance of being able to sell. And once you start selling to customers you need to realize what they are really buying. You may think it’s your product or service, but it goes much deeper.

People BUY with emotions and they justify the sale with logic. So, do you know what your customers are really buying? Psychologists tell us that customers only buy one thing…”Good Feelings.”

That’s it! Think about it. You may have to dig a little to understand this concept. Think back to when you bought your last car (vehicle). When you were considering buying it, remember thinking how good if felt to drive, how nice it looked, the “new car” smell, maybe you even thought about bragging to family, friends, or co-workers……these are ALL good feelings.

Then, after you bought the vehicle and you were talking to other people about it, then it was “it gets great gas mileage, I got a good deal on it, it’s practical cause we can haul the kids around, the insurance is cheaper on it”, etc. See how it works?

That’s why when you sell something you sell the “benefits” of what it will do FOR the customer…not the “features”. Too many times salespeople try to sell features.

What’s the difference? Features are what your product or service, have or do…..Benefits are what it does FOR the customer. Your customers like to listen to the radio station, WII FM….What’s In It For Me. Make your message geared to, “What’s In It For Them”.

Focus on the emotions. Because what are good feelings, emotions.

And to stir up the emotions you sell the benefits of your product or service. Think of it this way, Benefits equals Emotions.

Let’s look at an example for a car,”as you sit in the plush driver’s seat, you feel like you are sitting in your favorite recliner at home. You are surrounded by magnificent music as if you are in your own auditorium. You notice the car seems to glide along the highway as you realize you are saving money because this car has great fuel economy.”

Now this is just a small example (maybe a little exaggerated), but doesn’t it sound better than, leather or cloth interior (whatever you pictured in your mind), AM/FM/CD Player, electronic stabilization, twenty-five miles to the gallon. See, you “paint the picture” of the customer enjoying your product or service.

This is why you, Sell the Benefits!

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