7 Basic Strategies For Moving Forward In This Economy

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The New Year 2012 is right around the corner. Everyone is talking about the current economy and seems that most of the talk among business owners is how to survive. In my view, I think surviving is not the right way to be thinking….grabbing the bull by the horns and charging through this economy is the only way to go. Create your own destiny!

In talking with some of my clients, this seems to be one of their biggest concerns. I find that most businesses I talk with are so bogged down in their day to day running of the business that they forget the “basics” of how to keep their business moving forward.

So I decided to write out a few of my “basics” that I use to advice my clients. Here are “7 Basic Strategies For Moving Forward In This Economy.”

1. Get New Customers/Clients. Promote YOU and your business to EVERYONE! Anyone you come in contact with …. TELL them about your business. Have friends and family promote you too. Bottom line…get the word out.

2. Work Smarter. You’ve heard the old saying, “don’t work hard, work smart”, well this applies to all of us. For some of my clients I’ve written about “creating a system”… a way of getting things done. It is one way you can work smart. Create your system so “IT” works for you. Change it, tweak it, do whatever it takes but come up with ways to help you work smarter.

3. Increase Your Website Productivity. In this day and age I believe it’s crucial to have a website and it needs to be productive. Not just another pretty site. First analyze what you want to accomplish with your website then do it. Some examples would be to make your site informative for your customers/clients and prospects. Also, are you “capturing” the names of the visitors to your website? This is important. If you’re not getting names you are losing opportunities. (I’ll have more information in the future)

4. Contact ALL Your Customers/Clients and Prospects. Again I tell this to all my clients…….stay in contact with your customers/clients. If you haven’t …… NOW is a great time to contact them all, either with email or snail mail. Let them know how much you’ve appreciated their business and look forward to doing business with them in the future. Sometimes by re-contacted old customers/clients that haven’t used your services in quite some time, it reminds them to start doing business with you again. You’ll be surprise how well this works.

5. Analyze…..then Raise Your Prices/Rates. Believe it or not…people ARE still spending money. Take the time to analyze what you are charging, how long it’s been since you raised your prices/rates and the profitability of your business. If it has been at least a year since you raised your prices/rates, it’s probably a good time to do so. One of the biggest problems I see with my clients is that they under sell the value of their products or services. I know this may mean that some of your “cheap” customers/clients will complain or even find someone new, but it’s been my experience that the “cheap” customers/clients are usually the bigger pains in the backside and you are better off without them.

6. Invest In Yourself. I think this is a crucial strategy. Invest in education and training because …… YOU ARE WORTH IT!!! Any type of educational or even motivational material, classes, information, that YOU find helpful, is worth every penny you spend. If invested wisely, will reap rewards to YOUR bottom line.

7. Get Bigger and Better Customers/Clients. If you strive to get bigger and better customers/clients then you can get rid of your “cheap” ones that take up too much time, energy and effort. As I stated in #5, people are spending money. You need to find those customers/clients who are spending the money and go after them. A few “better” customers/clients can do wonders to your bottom line.

I realize that these 7 basic strategies are just that….basics that you probably already know. But the big question is…are you doing what needs to be done? Take a moment to look at your business and do the things that will make you prosper. If you need help to analyze your business or situation, please contact me. I’ll be glad to help.

Here’s hoping you have a Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2012!

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